About us

Om oss

Our journey to a B&B

We who run this B&B are Niclas & Helen Melander. We bought this property in 2011, and during the coming year to summer 2012 we renovated the property & rebuilt the house into a Bed & Breakfast business. We opened our B&B at Midsummer 2012.


We have been looking for a house where we could realize the dream of our own Bed & Breakfast for as long as we remember. We have started renting  out rooms, and in recent times also expanded with  a café during the summer. Our goal is to be able to offer bread in the near future, which we will bake in our own stone baking oven, which is in our basement.

About the house

The house was built in 1931, and was run from the beginning as a retirement home right up to the early 90s. When the business was closed, the property was sold to the Gerlesborg School of Art which has used the house as studios for its students & course participants. In the summer of 2011, the school sold the property to us. We live in a separate house on the same property and rent both room & conference space for those who wish this. Of course, you can rent the entire house if you want to be alone for a party, family reunion or perhaps a wedding in a coastal environment.


The goal of the renovation has been to maintain the older style of the property & the rooms, but with a personal touch on the environment.

Villa Akvarellen